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With the development of new waterfront promenades, Victoria Harbour has become increasingly accessible to the public. Further developments along the harbourfront are in the pipeline. Public expectation of a pleasant harbourfront will only increase. Hence it is necessary to find a more effective solution to enhance the quality of the coastal waters of Victoria Harbour, which will improve the associated aesthetic and odour problems of the coastal areas. The Environmental Protection Department will commission a study on how to improve the problem of pollution and odour nuisance caused by the discharge of urban residual pollutants into urban coastal waters, so as to provide venues for water activities along waterfront areas.

To tackle near shore pollution will require measures that can effectively reduce or collect the many residual discharges from a wide range of small sources that are large in numbers in the urban area. We plan to carry out a consultancy study to explore various practicable options to effectively reduce near shore pollution and enhance the quality of the coastal waters of Victoria Harbour.

At its meeting on 24 November 2014, the Panel on Environmental Affairs of the Legislative Council supported to upgrade the project to Category A.  The Public Works Subcommittee (PWSC) examined the funding application on 9 June 2015 and recommended it to the Finance Committee which gave approval on 26 June 2015. Preparation works to select consultants are in progress for the study to commence in early 2016. You can find the relevant PWSC paper below:


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